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Just a Mad Hatter
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Falling into Darkness...
Falling until both flesh and soul fade away...

Taste Destruction…

A sweet wine forbidden by God.

An open door which invites you to pleasure… to Sabbat.

The person is painted, dyed completely with the color of Sin.

Say it:

"I don't need myself anymore. Only her. No life is worth to hold dearly without his touch."

February 2007
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Never to Rise.

He said that among many useless things. But now is so different. That statement is ironic.

Lady Despair, shall we look for one White Rabbit together until your sister-brother appears~? ♥

Current Location: Cafe Ersesat
Current Mood: predatorypredatory

Curiouser and curiouser~♥

Where has the Mad Hatter landed? Tripped deep down the rabbit hole! How careless.

Paixao – Could it be a Wonderland full of Passion? Not a sane place to be lost!

Would someone please aid this humble Jester? Save one from the dull task to read the pamphlets? Join the tea party? Perhaps we could play a game of cards if that is your desire!

Pick one, ladies and gentlemen. No price, no compromise:

♠ Ace of Spades ♠

Mad Hatter’s beloved Lord must be walking under the same stars~★★★

Current Location: Muspelheim
Current Mood: amusedamused
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